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Welcome to 
Central Florida.

The bustling nightlife and major attractions are just a small part of Central Florida. The beautiful tropical climate houses natural springs, beaches and scenery that never gets old. With over 60 millions of visitors every year, Central Florida is full of diversity and opportunity for all.




A city full of Endless Adventure

Orlando is crowned as the worlds best vacation spot, bringing in millions of tourists and families from around the world. At Jordan Chris Properties we take pride on showing you the beauty of turning this vacation spot into your forever home. Filled with innovation, education, vacation destinations and Fortune 500 companies, Orlando is the fastest growing region in Central Florida with endless possibilities. 

Buying or investing, Orlando is a space where your quality of life will peak alongside your financial revenue. We are committed to helping you find the perfect place whether it is in the vibrant Downtown Orlando or side-by-side the plethora of golf courses in Ventura. The third largest metropolitan area in Florida, offering one of Americas top universities, Orlando offers a stable infrastructure, amenities and adventure for everyone. 


Winter Park

Cherishing Charm in Central Florida

Welcome to Winter Park, a cherishing, treasure trove of enriching experiences and better quality of life. Known for it's Old World Charm, brick roads, canopy trees and Spanish moss surround this town making everyday a magical experience. With boutiques, cafe's, dining experiences and museums, Winter Park has something to offer for everyone. 

This suburban town is nestled by greenery and is home to several family friendly neighborhoods making it the perfect place to for both young professionals and families. Winter Park boasts it's elegant homes, safe living and continues to preserve it's historical charm with a strong sense of community.


Engage in the long legacy of scholars and attend Rollins College, the prestigious Liberal Arts College reigning notable alumni such as Al Weiss and Fred Rogers.

Altamonte Springs

Perfect mix of Urban Suburbia

Altamonte is the perfect mix or Urban and Suburban living. In Seminole county, with 13 neighborhoods and an uptown area, Altamonte Springs offers residential, business and adventure for young professionals and families.

From Altamonte Springs South, a well maintained suburban neighborhood with large lawns, wide spacious houses to Bella Vista's charming character, Altamonte accommodates apartments, houses and condominiums. Seminole State College is minutes away from centralized Altamonte making this a perfect place for college students. Combine that with entertainment, nightlife and other businesses, you can find the perfect work-life balance.

downtown st cloud listing 4029.jpeg

Saint Cloud

City with extra space

A quiet, change of pace from a busier city lifestyle, Saint Cloud is still a city, but a small one. With 14 neighborhoods, Saint Cloud is the 59th largest community in Florida. Housing over 15,000 students at great schools paired with large land, lakes and privacy makes this a top spot for families with young children. 

Indulge in the culturally rich, new and emerging arts scene in Downtown St. Cloud or walk alongside East Lake Tohopekaliga while the sun beams on your skin. Close to all major roadways, Saint Cloud makes you 30 minutes from Downtown Orlando and major attractions while living everyday with the small town feel. 

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